Small Business Health Care Mandates in US – Will it Cause Offshore Outsourcing?

Government policy always affects businesses and thus, our economic condition in the United States. It seems that government wishes to mandate that all small businesses have health care benefits for all their employees, but is this a wise choice? In the 2008 Presidential Debates we have the candidates arguing if Health Care is a right or a responsibility.

One candidate calls it a right, because we are a Wealthy Nation and therefore can afford to provide health care to our people. The other candidate calls this one more move towards socialism and calls health care insurance and responsibility.

So, those looking at the economic impact of all small businesses providing health care due to government mandates have set off alarm bells. They question the government’s right to mandate such things and ask if this will be the death nail of small business.

You see, many small business owners do not have health care, those that have it, never use it, as they are too busy trying to make ends meet in their company and really have no time to go to a doctor. Further, they say that many of their employees are young and do not want health care insurance, but would be glad to take a bonus or have a beer.

One wise group of thinkers asks; “If the US Government mandates that all small businesses provide health care, then it will cause large businesses to check to see if they do and are
compliant, if not they will no longer outsource work to them, thus, they are more likely to outsource offshore. This effectively kills small businesses in our country and sends more US dollars overseas.”

This is an interesting side discussion, but quite relevant because it shows the extreme problem with government controls and the laws of unintended consequences. The health care system is broken, health care insurance is too high, so is medical costs, so rather than fixing the health care system, the government wishes to mandate small business to participate in it and continue growing the fa├žade.

It is definitely time to expand the discussion and allow everyone to see all the issues on the table before we continue such a dialogue on the issue of Universal Health Care or mandatory health care insurance for all employees.

Home Health Care Vs Nursing Homes

Although nursing homes are a preferred choice among the masses when it comes to taking care of seniors, home health care is more beneficial to the long-term health of the elderly. Firstly, recovery is much easier and usually is a faster transition within the confines of their own home. Due to the familiar surroundings of home, home health care is less stressful and recuperation is much more comfortable, and there is no requirement of adapting to a routine set by a nursing home.


Within the presence of family and loved ones, the recovery process – from both a psychological and physical standpoint – is far quicker than in comparison to a nursing home. There are also no stringent rules such as visiting hours or the number of visitors permitted to visit the recovering senior.


Home care is also an economical option, since there are no boarding and room expenses. Also, the process of taking care of an ailing family member, with the aid of a registered nurse or therapist, helps solidify a fruitful bond during testing times.

Estimates suggest that individuals receiving health care at home can save up to 70% on their medical expenses in comparison to hospitalization, and they can save nearly 30% when it comes to a nursing home. These numbers have led to the ever growing popularity of home health care for senior citizens.

Up to Par Medical Technology

With the rapid growth and advancement in technology, many routine medical treatments and therapies that used to only be available in a hospital can now be translated into a comfortable home environment. Many home health care companies offer a vast variety of medical care.

If any technical procedures such as wound care or skin care are required, a registered nurse can take care of that at home. Registered home health care nurses can also help with clothing changes, personal hygiene such as brushing and bathing, and they can ensure the proper dietary intake that will improve health and recovery.

More Freedom

Home care allows more freedom for seniors than a nursing home. They can visit others as they please and can have flexible meal times. There is not a stringent “all or nothing” daily schedule. Plus, additional modifications can be made to the home to ensure a complete level of comfort that is unmatched by hospitals and nursing homes.

It is still important to consult the family over such decisions, but the benefits of home care are obvious as they are tangible and should remain a worthy consideration.